Porcelain and pottery backstamps

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Waechtersbach Germany - mark

Waechtersbach Beehive mark and triangle with 


This back stamp belongs to a German manufacturer called Waechtersbach (in Germany: Wächtersbacher Keramik).  The triangle mark was in use between c. 1893 and c.1911 (according to Ludwig Rinn 2002, Markentafel Waechtersbacher Keramik).

The Waechtersbacher Steingutfabrik  was established in 1832 and is still in business (now owned by Koenitz Porcelain). The official site of the company is here: http://www.waechtersbach.com/

The impressed beehive mark appears first in 1882 and was used for over 100 years, until the early 1980s.
The company had a good reputation for quality stoneware and a large output of domestic pottery, such as the container above. You will find their products all over the world. I live in Australia and I am surprised how many pieces from the early 20th century until the 1960s you can find here in op shops and at the flea market.
The tray below is an example of the collectable art nouveau / art deco ceramics by this company.

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  1. Thank you-i nearly misidentified a chocolate box as Michael Anderson(Denmark) Or WMF until i happened on your above blog.

  2. I have a vase with gold lip & floral design. With beehive mark & Dec6168 marking. Photos available.